Chambers for sale

In late 2017 I made the decision to purchase chambers in the Selborne/Wentworth building. There was a certain allure in having some space to call my own where I could store robes and other professional gewgaws. The location was ideal, being next door to the Supreme Court and only three flights of stairs from the Bar library. Air conditioning, large windows and a big leather topped desk gave the space its share of both gravitas and comfort.

Almost immediately after acquiring chambers, life threw a spanner in the works which saw me leave Sydney in early 2018. Since returning to Australia my practice, peripatetic by necessity while I was working overseas, has continued to be very much based on remote working. So while some days it is essential to have a space in the city, other days see me working in various corners of Sydney or NSW.

It’s really not right to have prime real estate stand empty. Which is why the time is right to offer my chambers to a barrister looking for a prime central location as a place to build or grow their practice. The purchaser will benefit from arriving on the (probably) most recently renovated floor in Sydney, as well as a long overdue upgrade of the previously abysmal mobile reception in the building. If the thought of a new room in a prime location interests you, then you can find a more detailed advert here. Please do get in touch if this looks interesting to you.