How I can help you

An international perspective

I have worked in Europe and Australia, and have advised on transactions touching on every continent. No two jurisdictions are the same and, while I cannot advise on every foreign law, I have regularly taken cross border considerations into account and can help to highlight where foreign law might impact on your dealings.

In house counsel

Normally, barristers (like me) require a solicitor to brief them.  As an in house lawyer, you can brief me directly, without instructing a solicitor outside your organisation. This can save you cost and time. My regulator, the NSW Bar Association, has prepared a paper on the topic of ‘direct briefing’ which you can read here. Or, you can contact me and I’d be happy to discuss how I can help in house counsel.

Remote briefing

I spent three and a half years working remotely from Europe, which stands me in good stead for today’s need to maintain protective distances. Physical distancing need not mean that relationships feel distant. Clear and frequent communication keeps professional relationships strong and ensures efficient work product. And if you would like to discuss electronic briefs, electronic hearings, or how a physically distanced work has affected dispute resolution, I’d be happy to discuss that with you.