2022 working arrangements – staying COVID safe at work

After nearly four years away from chambers, in 2022 I am back working at 174 Phillip Street, on Second Floor Selborne Chambers.  While I am eager to be back in chambers, sadly 2022 shows no sign of an end to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given that we remain in a state of heightened health risks, this post explains how I intend to practice with a view to limiting the risk of infection for myself, my clients and anyone else who works in close proximity to me.  These measures are intended to be additional to anything prescribed by any health orders, or building rules, in force from time to time.

Remote work

For reasons of convenience, managing health risks, or simply where it would involve lengthy travel, I am completely set up for remote collaborative working.  I am available for conferences by telephone and video link, and I encourage the use of electronic briefs.

My safety steps when in chambers

To protect me and those I come into contact with, I will:

  • Wear a protective face mask during all conferences;
  • Have hand sanitiser available in my chambers;
  • Wipe down chairs and furniture prior to visitors coming into my chambers for conferences;
  • Have anti-bacterial wipes available in chambers; and
  • Keep my windows open to encourage ventilation.

What I ask from you when in my chambers

  • Please wear a face mask at all times;
  • Observe physical distancing – please do not be offended if I do not offer to shake hands. Trust me, giving up that tradition has proven especially hard;
  • Let me know if you feel ill.  I would much rather postpone a conference, or switch to a remote meeting, rather than risk exposing anyone to illness.